Pan-cooked feta with beetroot salsa & bean mash

Blend the beetroot and the onion in a bowl with the lime get-up-and-go, a great press of juice, flavoring and dill.

Warmth the tsp oil in a non-stick dish and tenderly cook the garlic until mellowed at that point tip in the beans, and a portion of the juice from the can with flavoring. Crush the beans, keeping them very thick, at that point keep warm.

Hurl the cuts of feta in a little flour. Warmth a non-stick griddle, wipe with a little oil at that point cook the feta for a couple of minutes on each side until brilliant and warmed through, flipping over to ensure they’re cooked uniformly. Spoon the bean pound onto plates, top with the feta and a large portion of the salsa at that point disperse with additional dill. Present with the rocket as an afterthought and the remainder of the salsa in a bowl.

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