Mediterranean fish gratins

Warmth the oil in an expansive, wide non-stick pot or sauté dish and tenderly broil the onion, fennel, garlic and coriander seeds for 15 mins, mixing normally until the vegetables are relaxed and softly hued. Empty the wine into the dish and include the tomatoes, tomato purée, saffron and sound leaf. Season and convey to a delicate stew. Cook for around 15 mins, mixing once in a while, until thick.

Warmth broiler to 220C/200C fan/gas 7. Mix the lemon juice and the majority of the parsley into the tomato blend, pop the crude fish pieces and prawns on top and mix well. Spread firmly with a cover and stew tenderly over a medium warmth for 4-5 mins or until the fish is nearly cooked. Blend a few times as the fish cooks, taking consideration not to give it a chance to separate.

Scoop the hot tomato and fish blend into 6 singular pie dishes – they will each need to hold around 350ml. Blend the cheddar, breadcrumbs, remaining parsley and a little ground dark pepper together and sprinkle over the top. Prepare on a heating plate for 20 mins or until the pies are brilliant dark colored and gurgling. Present with green serving of mixed greens, in the event that you like.

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